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Have you ever been to a funeral where folks struggle to find something nice to say about the deceased? On the other hand, there are funerals where you've celebrated a life that was worth celebrating and easy to celebrate. And what was the difference? Not the awards the person won or the attention they received or the money they made. At a funeral, you don't celebrate what a person accumulated or hoarded or held on to; you celebrate the ways they gave themselves away. Funerals actually remind us that in the end, the value of a life is always measured in terms of how much of it was given away, never in terms of how much of it was hoarded, saved, protected or wasted.

The measure of a person's greatness is never how much honor, glory or praise that came their way. The measure of their greatness is always what they did with it once it came their way. And the same is true for you. So, is it any wonder that God created us to know intuitively that glory is never to be hoarded? And is it any wonder that he asked us to examine every option through the lens of what's most honoring to Him and to the people around us? So, I wanna challenge you to try something for the next three days. For the next three days, every time you make a decision, I want you to ask yourself this question: What would be most honoring to God? What would be most honoring to God? 

Now, and this is important, I'm not asking you to do what you suspect might be most honoring to God, I'm just asking you to ask the question. I mean, it's your life, you can do with it whatever you please, but there's no harm in pausing and asking the question, right? I mean, in other words, would you at least walk up to the edge of what it might look like to live for someone else's glory and just take a look, consider it, imagine what your life would look like, then once you've asked the question, do what you want. I just think you owe it to yourself to ask and to know and to consider, because you were made for so much more than you. And your Heavenly Father is inviting you into a life where His glory is made known through you. You're going to live for someone's glory, why not the one who made you?

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