Faith & Culture


Who needs God?

Perhaps nobody? Perhaps everybody? Perhaps we should talk about it.

When life’s big questions go unanswered

Life often gives us more questions than answers. But can faith really help us make sense of it all?

The silver lining of our biggest messes

Life is messy. But God views our messes in a way you might not expect.

Maybe you’ve heard a Bible story or two...but then you grew up

What do you do when “because the Bible says so” no longer cuts it?

Moving forward when life doesn’t go as planned

What do you do when there’s nothing you can do?

Disagree politically, love unconditionally

What would happen if Christians (from both sides of the aisle) put people before politics?

Is Christianity good?

If Christianity is supposed to be good, why has it become so easy to walk away from?

How to meet in the messy middle—where problems are solved

Red or Blue. For or Against. It sometimes feels like the United States isn't very united. But unity can’t be mandated; it must be chosen… So how do we choose it in the midst of so much division?

How we know, why we follow

The foundation of our faith is anchored to something far more substantial and sustainable than a collection of ancient manuscripts.

How good is good enough?

Good is a moving target. Jesus didn’t come to tell us how to be good enough; he came to save us.

The Empowering Invitation of the Cross

We’ve been invited into a new way of living—it may not be easy, but it is empowering and the reward is definitely worth it.

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