We’ve all gotten something we thought we wanted only to discover…it wasn’t.


The new car smell wore off, but the payments didn’t.


The “right person” turned out to be just “the next” person.


The “dream job” started to feel like…well…a job.


What if there’s a way to break that cycle?


There is.


But it doesn’t happen naturally. Getting what we really want means figuring out what is most important to us.


You want a Porsche? Great. I hope you get a Porsche.


But why do you really want a Porsche?


You want to get married? Okay, but why do you really want to get married?


Our focus is usually on what’s right in front of us. The next promotion. The perfect relationship. The dream house that just went on the market.


We want what we want. And we want it now.


That’s why you could spend your entire life indulging in a lot of different things, but never getting what you really want.


Because which option is more tempting: “Swipe right and have fun tonight!” or “Take a year off from dating to become the person the person you’re looking for is looking for”?


Here’s the bottom line: you can’t get what you really want until you discover what you value.


Lurking in the shadows of what we think we want are the things we really want—the things we value. If you’re not looking for ‘em, you could easily miss ‘em.


No one can tell you what’s most important to you. You can’t find the answers in a book or a class. They aren’t easy to market. They don’t come with free shipping. But when we teach ourselves to look past our short-term wants, desires, and appetites, we see the bigger picture. And we see what matters most.


Do the decisions you’re making now line up with your future hopes and dreams? Or do you have regrets from pursuing things you didn’t actually want?


Discover what you value. Prioritize what you ultimately want over what you want now.


And if you want to make this year better than last, maybe you’ll go so far as to put some words around this idea. Write down your values. Tape them to your bathroom mirror. Set some reminders on your phone.


Put your values in the driver’s seat and throw everything else in the back.


When you do, you’ll get something much better than just the next thing. You’ll get what you really want.


And who doesn’t want that?


It’s your move.