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I’m in my 30’s now (time sure does fly!) and I have struggled for as long as I can remember with a faith and relationship with God that didn’t look like or sound like those of the Christian’s around me. In fact, it looked so different and I experience God so differently than others that I knew that I haven’t called myself a Christian for well over a decade. Someone shared your new years 2021 themed podcast with me this year and I’ve been listening to a few sermons a week on the Your Move podcast since then. This week I started the “Who Needs God?” Series and part 3 brought me to unexpected, totally out of nowhere tears while driving to the gym. For the first time in my whole life someone who teaches about God and Christianity taught about how I experience Christianity and God! For the first time having questions wasn’t evidence of a lack of faith or love for God! Words I have said in prayer out of uncertainty have come out of your mouth during your podcasts with conviction and Biblical support attached! I cannot adequately express to you how important and faith enhancing your teaching has been for me. Thank you for tackling the hard topics, asking the hard questions, and remaining inquisitive and inclusive of questions in your own journey.