Personal Development

Personal Development

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Private decisions have public consequences. How you care for yourself, how you choose to invest in yourself, and how you make daily decisions will eventually come together to write the permanent story of your life. So what story do you want to tell?

How to Improve Your Personal Development

What to Watch

Starting Over, Part 1

What to Read

Discover How to Take
Thoughts Captive Article

What to Listen To

Self-Leadership, Part 1

What to Do

Hot to Say No to Emotions that Compete for Control


  • “I can make decisions that set me up for success.”
  • “I will look to others for inspiration, not imitation.”
  • “My past will remind me, but it will not define me.”

Reflection Questions

  • What areas of my life am I willing to stand up for myself; what areas am I more timid? Why?
  • What makes me proud of myself? How can I change my day to align with that?
  • How can I redirect my pain to be used for good instead of ignoring it or letting it grow into resentment?

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