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Your Move is a selection of broadcast resources originating from North Point Ministries. North Point Ministries has 8 church locations in the Atlanta, Georgia area and over 80 partnering churches across the U.S. and around the world.

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What to Look For

Below are some questions to help you decide if you’ve found a good fit for you.

• Are you encouraged to grow in your own personal relationship with Jesus?
• Is there an organized system in place that allows you to connect with a smaller group of people and grow with them spiritually?
• Are you able to learn from the Bible in a practical way? The Bible is the foundational document for the Christian faith, and it needs to be taught in a way that makes sense for use in daily life.
• Do you feel welcome? This applies to every interaction, from how you are greeted to what you hear from the pastor.
• Are you comfortable being yourself, just as you are?

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