About Your Move

Better Decisions. Fewer Regrets.

Your Move was started in 1976 by two friends in a garage in Silicon Valley. Oh wait, that was Apple. But similarly, Your Move is a worldwide exporter of innovative ideas designed to simplify and enhance life for its users. About the only difference is Your Move also works on a PC and Android (not to mention your television).

If we’re honest, some pretty important decisions are made on the weekends. So that’s why we're on Friday and Saturday late-night television. Like Andy said in the beginning, “We want to help people make better decisions and live with fewer regrets.”

The show is called Your Move because Andy does all the talking, so it needed a title that helps you remember you’re supposed to do something. Otherwise, it’s just a lecture, and that’s what high school was for.

About Andy Stanley

Here's your chance to get up close and personal with Andy in this 2-minute video bio.

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