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Relationships are a key component of your overall happiness. Your friends determine the direction and quality of your life. Who you spend time with, who you date, and who you marry will ultimately determine who you become and where you will end up.

How to Improve Your Relationships

What to Watch


How To Be Drama Free

What to Read


What Happy Couples Know

What to Listen To


The Power of Words in the Workplace

What to Do


Setting Boundaries Worksheet


  • “My words are powerful, so I will use them wisely.”
  • “I deserve relationships that head in the direction I want to end up in; I do not have to settle for less.”
  • “My relationship boundaries are important and worth standing for.”

Reflection Questions

  • The top 3 things I am looking for in a relationship are ___. When I look at my own life, how do I measure up to those 3 things?
  • How am I preparing myself now for the next stage of a relationship in my life? If I am single, what am I doing to prepare for dating? If I’m dating, what am I doing to prepare for engagement? Etc. When is it most difficult for me to hold my tongue? Why? When is it easier for me to listen and wait to speak? Why?

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