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Welcome to Your Move Digital Groups.
A digital group is an opportunity to meet up online with a few people—much like yourself—to discuss topics from Your Move episodes.
Most importantly, it’s a chance to explore a life of better decisions and fewer regrets.

How to Win at Life

Join us for a one night event!

We all want to win, but each of us defines winning differently. How do you define success? We want to hear from you as we discuss this episode.

Day of Week Time Length Start Date
Wednesday 7:00 p.m. EST 1 Night 8/10/22
Day of Week Wednesday
Time 7 p.m. EST
Length 1 Night
Start Date 8/10/22

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Beginner's Guide to Predicting Your Future

We all end up somewhere in life. Why not end up somewhere on purpose?

Day of Week Time Length Start Date
Wednesdays 8:00 p.m. EST 4 Weeks 8/17/22
Day of Week Wednesdays
Time 8 p.m. EST
Length 4 Weeks
Start Date 8/17/22
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More groups are on the way!

What topic most interests you? We'll reach out as soon as your group is ready.