Right in the Eye

November 2014

Does it ever seem like everybody else is living their life in a beer commercial? You look at people around you and they seem to have plenty of money, plenty of friends, plenty of smiles. They always look good and they are always surrounded by people who look good.

In reality, life is not like that for everybody else. Everybody else is actually worried, dissatisfied, and in debt. Everybody else is trying desperately to salvage relationships and figure out how to manufacture happiness.

The problem with taking your cues from everybody else is that you’re taking your cues from their highlight reels, not their whole life. Living like everybody else on the outside will often leave you feeling empty on the inside—and it can lead to a lifetime of regret.

If you don’t want to continue being like everybody else, I have good news for you. There is a way out.

You see, there are two very different approaches to life: what I call living “from the outside in” and living “from the inside out.” Focusing your attention on the world of everybody else will lead to living from the outside in. Everything you see and hear will dictate your behavior and determine how you think and how you view the world.

Living from the inside out means you will be focused on God’s perspective rather than trying to be like everybody else. You will see people the way he sees them. You will see time the way he sees it. You will see money the way he sees it. It really has the potential to impact every area of your life.

If you see the world the way God sees it, what he asks you to do will make perfect sense. But if you see the world the way everybody around you wants you to see it, then what they do will make perfect sense and you will constantly be trying to live like them.

Taking your cues from the One who made you, instead of everyone around you, will lead to a life of better decisions and fewer regrets.

It’s your move.