April 2015

Whether we realize it or not, we all wear labels. Good labels (athlete, superstar, high achiever); bad labels (not athletic, not attractive, not smart); and everything in-between (geek, nerd, brainiac). Many of the labels we wear were placed on us early in our lives by teachers, coaches, and coworkers, or even parents, siblings, and friends.

Labels are powerful things. They determine how we view ourselves, how we view the people around us, and how we view the world. You see, labels create expectations, and expectations influence the direction of our lives. But what if we’re carrying around the wrong labels? What if we’ve been mislabeled?

The problem with labels is that they lock you in and lock opportunity out. When you accept a label from other people, you allow them to control you and limit your potential. Labels can hold you back from achieving your best in the present and cloud your vision for the future. The labels people put on you could even cause you to miss God’s plan for your life.

But have you ever thought about who actually has the right to label you?

The only one who has the right to label you is the One who created you. And that’s your heavenly Father.

God wants to label you according to the way he designed you. When you allow him to do that, you’ll discover that his plan for your life and the way he placed you in this world fit perfectly with the way he made you. No matter what season of life you’re currently in, your future will look radically different from most people’s if you refuse to accept the labels that others give you and only accept the label that your heavenly Father has given you.

Labels lock you in and lock opportunity out.

So here’s the question: Who will you allow to label you? Maybe it’s time for you to peel off those old labels and begin to see yourself the way your Creator sees you.

It’s your move.