How To Be Rich

November 2015

If you live in America, you’re living in the richest time of the richest nation in history. You may not feel rich, but I’m convinced that most of us are richer than we think. In fact, if you can read this you’re automatically rich by global standards.

Yet most rich Americans are terrible at being rich. In fact, the more money a person makes, the less they give away. The richer a person becomes, the more their time is consumed with managing their own wealth and the less time they have to invest in others.

It’s one thing to be rich, but what if we were actually good at it? What would it look like for us to be extravagantly generous toward others—especially to those who can’t do anything for us in return?

Being rich is a lifestyle. It’s about stewarding your influence and your affluence. It involves cultivating an awareness of things that really matter, treating people as if they are more valuable than you, and investing in opportunities that make a real difference in your community.

The great thing is, being rich toward others affects more than just the recipient. When you invest your time and money in a person or cause other than yourself, you will start to look at the world through someone else’s eyes. That perspective initiates growth in you.Giving your time will impact your priorities, and giving money will impact the way you view your wealth. Generosity releases you from the hold your time and money can have over you.

So here’s my challenge for you: Practice being rich this season. Make an effort to keep the needs of others in the forefront of your thinking. Be intentional about doing more and giving more. Demonstrate extravagant compassion and generosity with no strings attached.

It really is better to give than to receive. I promise you. It really is.

It’s your move.