Future Family

July 2014

Every family has traditions, stories, and even legends that are passed down from one generation to the next. We’ve all heard tales of a grandparent’s extraordinary generosity or cautionary stories about a relative’s recklessness that led to tragedy. Those stories shape us. But someday those stories will be about us.

You are who you are today because of the people that came along before you. And whether you realize it or not, you have a future family and you are currently in the process of making your mark on those who come after you.

Your children and grandchildren may forget what you say, but they’ll never forget what you do, especially when doing the right thing was difficult. In fact, when it comes to family, actions don’t merely speak louder than words, sometimes they echo in the next generation.

Dads, what if your sons and grandsons take their cue from you? What if you are the role model for how they treat your future daughter-in-law and how they raise your grandchildren? What if you’re the example for how they deal with extraordinary temptation? And moms, what if your daughters decide to take their cue from you about how they talk to your future son-in-law? What if they take their cue from you about how you view money, how you handle crises in life, how you respond to the call of God?

In fact, what your children and grandchildren see you do will lay the groundwork for what they do. You may not be around to see the full implications of your decisions, but rest assured, decisions will be made with the imprint of your life in mind.

Actions don’t merely speak louder than words, they often echo in the next generation.

What will echo from your life in the next generation?

It’s your move.